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Demand Nothing Less than a Visionary Future

We are undergoing a Tipping Point Event. Assess the data to demand a visionary future As a society, we are more connected than ever before. However, until we learn to manage this connectivity better, these extreme disruptions are expected to become...

The United Watershed States of America: A Biography of John Wesley Powell

The United Watersheds of America  In a lesser known footnote of United States history, there was a brief time after the civil war between the 1870’s and 1880’s in which new western states adopted into the union may have done so...

Bioregional Mapping: Defining Terms, Scale & Purpose

Bioregional Maps Bioregional mapping is process for creating maps that that set cultural and geographic information into natural boundaries and borders, rather than anthropocentric lines removed from context of place. Maps are not neutral, and many...

Where does the word Watershed come from?

In this article we explore where the term watershed originally comes from and why there is such a difference between North America and Europe.

The Basic Litmus Test for a Bioregion

Does it Bioregion? Picture shared by David McCloskey – Cascadia Institute. There can be many different determinants, ideas and definitions for what a bioregion is or isn’t – but above all else – below are three simple...

Where does the name ‘Cascadia’ come from?

Cascadia — the evocative name of a region, an idea, a movement — wild and free... but where did this name come from?

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