Brandon Letsinger


Cascadia and bioregionalism are one of the most powerful, yet least understood organizing philosophies for our world today.

Join me as I jump in on a journey to learn more about the history, the principles of bioregionalism, bioregional mapping and what it will take to build radical movements that can effectively grow regenerative cultures and be the change that our world needs right now.

Currently, I work as Grumpy Sasquatch at the Department of Bioregion, am the wheezy, sneezy, covered in dust perpetually proprietor of Horizon Books on Capitol Hill (Seattle’s longest running used bookstore!), and manage a 6400sq ft art space in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. I am the founding director of CascadiaNow!, former board member of the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance, the largest peer run and managed needle exchange program in the United States, co-founder of the Seattle Street Medical Collective. My journey to learn more about democratic ways of living, human rights and sustainability have taken me around the world, from ecocamp and medical infrastructure building in Germany and Scotland, to living in Tunisia after the Arab Spring during their constituent assembly process in 2012, to living and working in Beijing for the French and German Chambers of Commerce.

I have always been inspired by the amazing people I meet, their ideas for how to change the world.