Brandon Letsinger

Demand Nothing Less than a Visionary Future

We are undergoing a Tipping Point Event. Assess the data to demand a visionary future

As a society, we are more connected than ever before. However, until we learn to manage this connectivity better, these extreme disruptions are expected to become more numerous and severe. Based on projections for economic growth in 2020, the impact of the coronavirus might significantly curb global carbon emissions, but if this reduction is not coupled with real action to change our behaviors and invest in better ways of living, information from previous crashes has shown that these declines recover rapidly when the recession ends.

We are living in a small window to impact massive and structural change. Prudent evaluation and spending of recovery measures, permanent adoption of new behaviors and technology can influence how emissions evolve in future. Focus on community resiliency, on building the interconnections between organizers and groups that share similar missions, and realize we are all in this together.

As is the downfall for many centralized systems, we may waiting for a long time for the solutions we need. Our communities, and the amazing, intelligent and creative individuals – are not waiting – and are already crafting the solutions we need. Let’s not pretend that the system we were living in was perfect, and let’s not go into the trap of spending all of our energy to recreate it. Instead, let’s empower our communities, and ourselves, and let’s focus on the solutions we need.

Each time we face a systems level event is a time for rethinking and envisioning something new, and a better way.

Governments and markets right now are moving trillions of dollars and re-allocating billions of dollars in funding and priorities as the entire ways that our societies communicate, interact and what we call normal is redefined. In times of shock like this, we have an incredible power to create new paradigms.

It is up to each of us, and each of our communities to design what we may need as a society to create more regenerative, democratic, self-reliant and resilient to build bioregions able to resist system wide shocks in the future. We know our homes, communities and needs. We are the experts.

Right now, we have an opportunity to implement local and bioregional solutions that can lead to healthier, regenerative ways of living that are within the capacity of what the planet can support.


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